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Posted 19 Dec 2012 in Press

“American Fangs are releasing their long awaited and consistently delayed album in early 2013. After seeing them live this past month, I think it’s appropriate to crown them the most precise band in Houston right now. It’s obvious these dudes mean business. The set is seamless. Frontman Gabe Cavazos is the whole package. A stage presence that is unmatched by anyone in Houston, insightful and intelligent lyrics combined with hooks that stay stuck in your head for days, and let’s be honest, the guy’s got the looks to go with it. In a time where radio rock is stale, Fangs bring something new to the table, the edge that has been missing since the early 90s. They have written the most radio friendly rock record that will probably never be played on the radio, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Every one of the members has been a part of the Houston music scene for well over a decade, playing in some of the best rock bands to ever come out of this city. If there is one local band that’s a must see in Houston, it’s this one. Transexuals welcome. Get the hell on.” – William Guess FPH

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